Yoga and Sport are my passion and create my life. 

Yoga and Sport can change your life. 

It is not just about being flexible, it’s about finding your now and live fully. 

Find a calm mind. 

Gain the knowledge to make progress in your life.

Deal successfully with everyday challenges.

Stay healthy and have more energy.

Feel good.

Learn how to take care of yourself. 


What can I offer?

Personal guide and support

Effective systems to implement changes in your daily life 

A science based approach combined with ancient wisdom

Individualised programme 

One-on-one coaching 

Holistic approach 



Programmes include: 

Asana, pranayama and meditation

Nutritional guide

Self – care practices

Stress – relief techniques


Balance with nature


“Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.” –Amit Ray

Body – Techniques and methods to compete at your best

Work on postural imbalances

Improve functional mobility and stability

Enhanced physical performance, stamina, agility, fitness and endurance

Development of structural core stability and increased range of motion

Improved functional stability and mobility and balance

Aid injury prevention and recovery from injury

Improve the quality and efficiency of the breath through performance breathing techniques.

Improved proprioception, spatial awareness and body awareness

Corrections to muscle imbalances and joint instability, perpetuated through repetitive and unbalanced sports

Reduced recovery times – restorative posture work benefits the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems

Increases longevity within chosen field

Mind: To train the brain as hard as your body is critical for success

Enhance stamina and concentration

Improve focus and breathing

Manage tension and control stress

Build Body – Mind connection

Build Mental strength

Improve focus, increase confidence, become consistent

Compete at your best

Overcome the pressure of competition and overcome it

Learn how to manage anxiety and how to be aware of your thoughts

Learn how to cope with pressure from outside

Make mistakes your teacher

Let your mind to take control of difficult situations and perform at your best

Maximise your performance potential by providing the missing link in strength and conditioning.


  • Learn the mental training techniques 
  • Make Small changes for big results
  • Methods to learn how to deal with your fears
  • Techniques to improve mind-body connection
  • Exercises to find balance and calmness
  • Develop a mental training plan
  • Mindfulness training

Work with me

As a Yoga Sport Science certified coach I can help you to meet your goals

  • Programs tailored to athlete’s needs
  • Individual’s biomechanics assessment
  • Program based on the demands of the specific sport
  • Development of the Sport-Specific Yoga techniques and program
  • Techniques to complement the current training program
  • One to one coaching
  • Coaching for teams
  • Workshops and team sessions
  • Cooperation with coaches and team members