Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. Albert Einstein

Bike passion

Istria cycling experience
Cycling in the beautiful Istria where the nature is untouched and where the passion for sport meets the passion for life.

Combine the climbs with rides along the sunny Mediterranean coast.
Experience the regional food, explore the local history and culture and relax in stunning accommodation.

Whether you are looking for a road cycling camp, MTB adventure, triathlon training camp or cycling holiday in the beautiful peninsula of Istria you can ride all year round.


We offer

  • Personalised cycling and hiking experience.
  • Active vacations that takes you to the next level of performance.
  • Programs suitable for all sport, age and ability.
  • Cycling adventure
  • Training programs for newbies or experienced cyclist.
  • Training camps for top performance.
  • Experienced coaches and professional support.
  • Guidance in training, recovery, nutrition.
  • Cross training – gym, pilates, yoga, hiking.


Road cycling holidays – discover the Istrian roads, emerge into beautiful nature, experience the local culture and enjoy traditional food

Mountain biking holidays – explore easy forest roads or try technical single-tracks in the hearth of Istria or near the sea

Leisure cycling holidays – give yourself a chance to relax and enjoy the sightseeing tours with a cultural note and plenty of time off the bike. Hybrid bikes will make the holidays even more relaxing.

Gourmet cycling holidays – discover the local cousine and feel the atmosphere of the local villages

Guided tours for individuals and groups

Personalised cycling holidays

Join our CYCLING adventure